Mostly I write fantasy. My new series Legends of Ansu is a heady blend of myth and mayhem – an ongoing opera of swordplay pitched to capture the middle ground betwixt the noble majesty of JRRT and the gritty realism of GRRM.

Not so The Haven. This brief yarn was spun from entirely different thread. It's voice comes from my deep love and passion for Cornwall ( For those of you that don't know it, Cornwall is where King Arthur was born – they do say - it's the sticky out bit at the South Western tip of jolly old England). Known for shipwrecks, pirates and, much more recently, good ale, surfers and holiday folk. The county's wild coastline boasts some of the finest cliffs in the world whereas the stone clustered villages and copse-hidden churches hint at a time gone by.

I was fortunate to live in North Cornwall for many years. My late wife, Rae, was Irish and her love of that wild coast led us to settle halfway between her home and my own. Cornwall shares much in common with Ireland. Bude is nearer to Cork than London – in soul as well as miles, though the Celtic Sea separates them. In The Haven I have tried to hint at that connection. The Celtic Spirit is strongest close to the ocean.

Rae had that spirit. It is something that can be seen in her watercolours, two of these ( Maid of Haven and Anwynn) were the main inspiration and instigation for The Haven finding its words. Rae loved haunting tales: she never read The Haven – we lost her to cancer late 2012. But I always promised her a ghost story so here it is. Rae's work can be viewed on her website www.Dizzardart.com or via the link in mine www.jameswebb.org.uk

Thank you for reading The Haven. I do hope that you enjoyed it. But take care if you wander the beach alone at night beneath that mischievous moon – Sarah and Daniel may not be out there, but you never know who is…

JWW 2014