The Haven by J.W.Webb (A Cornish Ghost Story)


Ahhh, 'tis the season for creepy, dark reads that will have you hearing things that go bump in the night. Grab a few candles, keep the dog close by and step into J.W. Webb's world, but only if you dare.

The Haven is an old ghost story come to life for Richard Harrison as he and his cold and distant wife take a trip to the seaside in an attempt to re-kindle the sparks that have gone cold. And so, Richard's living nightmare begins with a strange woman on the shore and something that went bump in the night. Are they real, was he dreaming, was it the generous amount of alcohol he had before bed? The more Richard gets sucked into this madness, the more he wants to know the history of The Haven and the tales of love, murder and suicide, along with a vow for revenge.


How do Richard and his wife, Kate fit into this historical tale? Why does Richard see this woman and Kate does not? The more he learns the more he is determined to see what it all means, but the townsfolk aren't talking and the woman on the beach is a stoic sentinel from long ago. Who is she waiting for and what revenge does she seek? Why is Richard the focus of her attention? Is he going mad or could there be something more to fear, a sin from the past, perhaps?

I'll be sleeping with a light on, head under the covers, earplugs in place, thanks to J.W.Webb and his masterful telling of mystery, curses and revenge that lives on through the ages. Very dark, very intriguing, filled with characters that range from ghostly to completely unlikable, but very human, J.W. Webb weaves a heavy tale, rich with atmosphere and a pace that allows every word to sink in like the teeth on a wolf. Looking for something on the dark side of fantasy that will have you looking over your shoulder and staying out of dark corners? Enter with caution, but do give this a try!

I received this copy from J.W. Webb in exchange for my honest review.


Molly - UK - Kindle Edition

This is a jolly good read in the genre of fantasy fiction. I was completely enthralled. The tale is hard-hitting and takes no prisoners. It has left so many questions unanswered

Misc - UK - Kindle Edition

When I came across this book I had no interest in the fantasy genre, but I was inspired by the complexity of the world James Webb created. It is timeless and in my opinion a very clever piece of writing....a complexity of characters who are both so real and surreal in a world that is closer to our own than we would admit. a future classic!

A great find! - By Mindy on August 19, 2015 - Format: Kindle Edition

This book was a great find. It's bigger than the books I usually read but I couldn't put it down. It's definately epic fantasy, the plot is tense and the characters very real. The fight scenes are amazing, but there are many moments of haunting mystery and conflicting love that give this story added depth. I stayed up late many nights in a rush to finish this. Have to say the ending blew me away! Totaly wicked!

Read it, thank me later! - By SSBentley on August 19, 2015 - Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really loved this! Fantasy, war, epic, love story, and dry comedy - Gol has it all, yet it's effortless, fast-paced, and evocative. One of those novels where the characters stay with you long after you close your Kindle/ipad/the book's cover. Satisfying, fun, rich, and deep. I think my favorite part of it was that the characters are multi-dimensional and realistic (differing from many fantasy-genre characters), and that they grow and change through the events of the novel. Highly recommended to Game of Thrones fans (but this has more humor, and the plot actually develops and ends).

I particularly enjoyed the fact that the characters evolved as the story ...By Margaret A Hoeler on August 24, 2015 - Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

While this book does not fall into the genre that I typically read, I was surprised how quickly I became caught up within the story line. This novel is filled with strong characters, intriguing fantasy and sheer imagination. Gol is a novel that runs at a fast pace which made it extremely difficult for me to put down. I wanted to keep reading. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the characters evolved as the story progresses. If you are looking for a read that is rich in plot and will leave you wanting more I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more in this series of novels by J W Webb.

I would recommend starting with Book 1 of the Ansu series - By Alex Newman on August 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

This series is fantasy fiction gold. Gol is the prequel to the newly released Legends of Ansu series. I would recommend starting with Book 1 of the Ansu series, The Shattered Crown, and come back to Gol, but that's just me. You can't go wrong either way. Lots of great refreshing fight scenes and riveting plots in a classic fantasy fiction style. Webb's writing has a distinctly, unique style, with lots of old Cornish diction to set the mood. Great stuff. Give this series a shot if you're looking for some new and unique Tolkien-esque literature

Excellent Read - By Marcus A. Toft on August 21, 2015 - Format: Paperback

This is a great fantasy read. The author subtly zooms in and out of the story, telling it from different perspectives and angles; sometimes it's focused on individual characters but then other times it will take a broader approach and tell about events at large. The style keeps it interesting and fresh. The story and characters are great and fight scenes are well done. Would definitely recommend!